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Su web inmobiliaria viene con un panel de administración simplificado . Estas son las características clave del panel de administración:

  • Configuraciones para crear, actualizar, eliminar, filtrar
  • Gestión de agentes
  • Creación de Instalación personalizada ( inmueble ) Creación con iconos
  • Creación de paquetes personalizados
  • Gestión personalizada de widgets para barras laterales
  • Plugins personalizado
  • Creador de páginas y Generador de menús
  • Soporte multilingüe
  • Soporte para usted las 24 horas

Los inmuebles pueden ser creados por agentes / admin desde el panel de administración..

  • el panel de control Contiene la lista de todas las propiedades en una vista de mapa.

  • From the navigation section Realestaes > All estates all property can be viewed. There is filter on all the properties. Estates can be made featured from here.

  • From the navigation section Realestaes > create estate new estate can be created. The top title and description section holds the data based on translation. Simply change tabs to put translation data values. Fields are changed in the main form based on Type and Purpose of the property. Amenity can be set for property here. There is latitude and longitude field. It can be auto populated based on the address. It can be fine tuned to get the specific location. Hence the marker is draggable. Featured image can also be set.

  • From estate edit edit any data of property. Same as create view.

  • From the navigation section Realestaes > Location, Country, City and State can be added in the system to use it in estate create form. Simply click on the add button and paste country, state and city name comma separated way.

  • From the navigation section Realestaes > Amenities seaction amenity can be added with icon. It will be shown while creatig estate. Edit option is also available for amenities.

Set up your website with with custom settings

  • Publish Posts Directly: If it is selected yes estates will be uploaded without moderation.
  • System Currency: Set the system currency from here. If selected use icon icon will be used or if use shortcode is selected currency shortcode will be selected instead of icon.
  • Enable signup: If selected, signup option will be available for the product. Further agents can be added from sign up. If kept off admin will be the sole agent.
  • Enable pricing: If selected, pricing will be on for signup using paypal. Just create the package from package section and create a subscription based agent signup system.

  • Paypal Settings has the options for paypal. Agents can be charged for subscriptions.

  • Payment history section lists all the subscription charge for this application.

  • Su web inmobiliaria settings has the home page settings to swipe from map view or slider view. You can set slider image from here.

  • There is also a section to create sign up packages. Package CRUD is possible form here.

  • There is also a section to view the agents sign up for the application. Admin can delete any agent.

Manage & Create customs widgets to view in the sidebars of application. We kept in clean, so that users can upload any html content they want. Google adsence, live tweets can be embeded via HTML from this section.

  • All Widgets -  This section will view the widgets available in this site. You can create a new widget or choose between our existing widgets. User have option to acticate/de-activate any widget. Create a widget from the create widget section. Edit the contents of widget from the bottom section of the page. Don't forget to activate the widget from bottom to position it on to the desired section.

All widgets

  • Widget Positions - First Select the screen positions from the select box at top of the screen. There are 8 positions on the page to choose from to place the widgets. Select any positions and click the show button to apply widgets on the selected position from the bottom. In the bottom half there will be two sections which shows available and active widgets. Drag and drop the widgets between available and active sections.To order the widgets simply drag widgets in active section.

  • Plugins - We will release plugins for Su web inmobiliaria in the near future. Simply upload the plugin from this section.


  • Upload - This section allows users to uplaod our any released widgets, plugins and themes. Simply upload your desired selectin from here.


Build Su web inmobiliaria as a complete website from this section. Add new pages submenu as you desire from here. For example if you need a "Contact Us" page create the Contact tab from the menu and paste the HTML content.

  • All Pages - View all the pages from here. You can edit/upadate any page. To update simply paste any HTML content of the page. Also there is a TinyMCE editor. So no knowledge of HTML is required.

  • New Page - Create a page from this section. Pure HTML or TinyMCE options is also availabe here. You can set this options as following:

  1. Menu Title: Set your menu title here. Which will be shown in topbar.
  2. Menu Alias: The url which will be passed in menu.
  3. Page Layout: Choose page layout options from here.
  4. Content From: Chose the content type you want to put. Which will be URL or Manual input
  5. Url: If you want the content to come from any of your Su web inmobiliaria url, then type the url after index.php/ here. Like if your memento setup url is http://example.com and for some page you want the content to come from "http://example.com/index.php/show/all" then type the url like "show/all"
  • Menu - Arrage all he Menu or Submenu from this section. Simply drag and drop the titles here.

  • Category - Add/Edit the categories you want to view on the main website. Uploded images & videos falls under this categories.

  • Manage Backups - Backup your sql files from here. You can restore any vesrions of the backups from this section.

  • Manage Language - Manage the language and keyword from this section. You can select the desired language from the dropdown and be able to edit the keys set into front site with your custom texts. Please see English language keys to view the standard keys.

  • Auto Translate - Auto translate is an advanced option we provide. From here you can add any language you want. Using google translator it will add desired language to the given language keys. For example you want to auto translate French, select the source language from the dropdown, type French on the language name & then paste two digit keyword (The keyword must be placed correctly. Otherwise the auto translater won't work. We recommend you check the translate keys from here Language ISO Codes, in here there are Language Lists. From the ISO 639-1 column select the desired shortcode). For French the shortcode is fr. Then click auto translate. Google will do the rest. Some keywords may be misiing. So you have to add texts manually to translate keys. Watch the video tutorial to show how it's done:

  • Email Text - There are several emails which are sent from users with this application. Simply change the default texts of email with your custom texts. There are two types of emails here 'Confirmation Email' & 'Recovery Email'. Confirmation email is sent to users after registration. And Recovery Email is sent when the user prpmpts for forget password.

  • Site Settings - Adjust the basic site settings like Site Title, Orientation, Contact text here
  1. Site Title: Set your website title
  2. Footer Text: Set texts in footer
  3. Site Logo: Update your Site Logo
  4. Site Language: Set your website default language
  5. Site Orientation: Set your website orientation
  6. Site Per Page: pagination for default posts
  7. Page Layout: Page Layout for website.
  8. SEO Options: Set website's SEO options

  • Admin Settings - Default admin settings goes here

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